The Giant’s Embrace won an award

The Giant’s Embrace, created by InSite in co-production with Round Table Theatre in Education Company, won an award at the 9th Children and Youth Theatre Festival in Budapest. The reasoning behind the award given by the jury is especially precious to us:

“For the power of theatre in The Giant’s Embrace and the intimacy of the acting, for the philosophical richness of the story and its lovable production, with the hope that the story of the two binmen slowly reaches all the kindergartens in Hungary.”


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The Girl in the Attic – collaborating in Bergen

We spent three exciting days in Bergen thanks to the support of the EEA Grants. We collaborated with the colleagues from the drama department of the Western Norway University. We had the opportunity to observe the Girl in the Attic, a theatre in education program for elderly people with dementia, that was created in the process of an earlier collaboration. Besides observing the program we also worked together with the creators on possibilities of developing the program.

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WHY/WATER – debate-theatre at Trafó

We will have five performances of Why/Water (Víz/választó), a debate theatre performance about climate migration, at the prestigious Budapest venue Trafó. The program was created together with Artemisszió Foundation an organisation working in the field of intercultural dialogue through a variety of projects.

Four performances will be exclusively for students, but we will have an open night, when anyone can come on the 17th of May, 8PM.

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