Summer break

Both the Giant and Little Jancsi need a little rest. But they will gather their strength and continue in the Autumn.

If you want to invite the production to your school or nursery get in touch with us soon, we will know the available dates for the Autumn in August.

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A fresh encounter

“Simple objects and many-many creative ideas make this performance playful and the story natural and simple. Even as adults we are surprised by how a broken umbrella and some glasses can turn someone into an owl, or into a deer with some twisted cables. Our eyes and imagination get trained into making something out of the ‘nothing'”. Lilla Turbuly wrote about the Giant’s Embrace. You can read the full article here.

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Giant tour

In the first half of the season Giant’s Embrace has been touring to nurseries in underprivileged villages and towns. Thanks to fund secured by Round Table TIE we can tour the program to villages where children rarely get to see theatre, and even more rarely do theatre performances come to their group rooms in the […]

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