Fictional situation from within – Kostas Amoiropoulos’ workshop

How different is it to explore situations from a role than exploring it through distancing conventions? What structures, approaches are there to putting participants into role? What sort of approach is “living through drama”?

These are the questions that participants will explore in Kostas Amoiropoulos’s whole day workshop. This practice centred course will build on collective experimentation, and will connect to working with different age-groups.

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Site B – online seminars exploring key components of ‘being’ in role in process drama

Engaging experientially with the fictional world is central to process drama. The nature of this engagement and the characteristics of the fiction offer a number of important theoretical and practical questions to be discussed by drama practitioners. This series of ninety-minute online seminars discusses some of the key concepts through the analysis of moments of practice in five events led by an international group of experts.

Key elements discussed will be contextualisation, metaxis, protection into role, reflection, artistic form, the extreme and the tragic.

Seminar leaders: Prof. David Davis, Dr. Kostas Amoiropoulos, Chris Cooper, Cao Xi, Dr. Adam Bethlenfalvy (short bio below)

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