About InSite

INSITE LOGO faviconInSite’s vision is to facilitate facing the most pressing problems of our times through drama and to enable changes in understanding of individuals’ concerning their values and stance; so that they are able to act responsibly in society and become active agents of change.

The organisation’s work affects primarily the youth and children age-group directly or indirectly. To achieve greater social impact we also work with decision makers, communities and higher education institutions.

The organisation works on an international level, primarily in Europe, but connecting to professionals worldwide.

The organisation’s work is based on theatre in education and drama in education practices pioneered in the UK creating possibilities of dramatic engagement where participants can question their received cultural values and biases through situations, and make meaning of events freely to form their own values in relation to the problems under scrutiny.

The core values underlying the organisation’s work is consciousness of aims in the implementation of the projects, responsible engagement in different communities’ dynamics, thorough evaluation of all processes and a many-sided approach to the matter at hand.

InSite was founded by two experienced drama teachers, project managers in Budapest, in January 2012.
Adam Bethlenfalvy and Adam Cziboly have more than thirty years of experience between them in this field.

Adam CzibolyAdam Cziboly has been the project manager of several dozen larger international drama projects, and the strategic leader of Káva Drama/Theatre in Education Association. He initiadted and led the research project DICE with the participation of 12 countries, the first in-depth research into the impact of drama and theatre education methods on Lisbon key competencies. He has organized and also participated in master classes of drama education, facilitated drama projects and trainings both in Hungary and at international level.

Adam Bethlenfalvy_kicsi.xnbakAdam Bethlenfalvy has worked in theatre in education companies as actor-teacher, director, facilitator in Hungary and Great Britain since 1998. He taught in schools and universities, worked in the teacher training and has led youth theatre groups. Adam also works in the youth and community department of Örkény Theatre Budapest. He has completed his PhD research at Birmingham City University with Prof David Davis.

InSite has two associate members who have played an important role in setting up the organisation. Ceri Townsend and Chris Cooper take part in different elements of InSite’s work and in devising our long term stratergy and projects. Ceri has also designed and directed Giant’s Embrace and Chris has written and directed Benched. Both our partners played an important role in the successful Facing the Gap project.