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Process drama with 4-8 year olds

A course on doing Process Drama with Early Years

While the games of children in early years are filled with stories, role play and being in fiction, we do not rely enough on these capacities of children to create community, fun and learning.

Kostas Amoiropoulos works with this age-group on a daily level and is an internationally acclaimed expert on Process Drama. InSite has invited him from Greece to share his knowledge with all those interested.

The course will be in English with Hungarian translation.

Dates: 6th April, 5:30 PM to 8th April 3:00 PM

Venue:  Jurányi Inkubátorház, Budapest 1027, Jurányi utca 1.

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Living Through Extremes – Adam Bethlenfalvy’s PhD research

A joint program of InSite Drama and Örkény IRAM in Hungarian

Date: March 14th 2018 16:30 – 18:00

Venue: Örkény Stúdió (Budapest 1075, Asbóth utca 22.)

A central question for drama in education has been the role of theatre in classroom drama. Adam Bethlenfalvy completed his PhD research as the student of Birmingham City University studying the possibilities of connecting ‘living through drama’ with Edward Bond’s theatre theory and practice.

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Democracy through Drama

InSite Drama is participating in an Erasmus+ project led by Birmingham City University that aims to help teachers working with 11-15 year old young people to create democratic spaces in their classrooms. Besides BCU our partners in the project are the Heartlands Academy from Birmingham, Ellinogermaniki Agogi school from Athens, the MimesisLab from the University of Rome and KeKi, the Children’s Right Knowledge Centre from Ghent.

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