Acaδimia project has started!

An exciting period is beginning in the life of InSite Drama, we are the Hungarian partner organization of several new international projects funded by the European Union, and we will try to report about all of those in the coming months.

The first meeting of the Acaδimia project took place between October 16th and 21st in Athens, managed by Action Synergy, who previously also coordinated the DIVERSE project. Other partners of the project include several European universities (Girona, Florence, Leuven, Reykjavík), as well as organizations developing different educational methods, such as Waterpark Montessori International from Ireland, an expert in the Montessori method, GeoSchool – GeoCamp from Iceland, which deals with gamification, or drama organizations such as the Greek Kentro Spoudon, or InSite Drama. The European Teachers’ Academy project, realized in cooperation with 11 project partners from 8 countries, lasts three years, during which teacher trainings are created, podcasts are made, workshops, public debates, and online and offline conferences will be held on the topic.

The first day of the Acaδimia meeting in Athens was about getting to know the international team, discussing administrative tasks, and clarifying economic issues. On Tuesday, we got into closer contact with the Montessori method, led by our partners, the University of Girona and Waterpark Montessori International. We started Wednesday with the transfer of drama pedagogy knowledge, Ádám Bethlenfalvy and Zsuzsa Hajós gave training to the participants, and after lunch we immersed ourselves in the details of the STEAM teaching method on the stage of a Greek theater.

On Thursday, the University of Florence and the University of Iceland presented working methods based on gamification, which can also be used for educational purposes. We explored digital storytelling and the TalentMaker project of Friday and on Saturday we found out more about the EAR project and the Strengths Based Learning framework. The goal of the project is to make students creative and active participants in education by all methods. On Friday, we took part in a conference at the Athens office of the European Parliament, where project partners presented their different educational methods to Greek teachers. It was a busy week, and an exciting period is ahead of us, where InSite Drama, as a professional mentoring organization, can introduce project partners to the possibilities inherent in drama pedagogy.


Our partners are:

Action Synergy (Greece)
Universitá degli studi Firenze (Italy)
Universitat de Girona (Spain)
GeoSchool – GeoCamp Iceland (Iceland)
Waterpark Montessori International (Ireland)
Trakia University (Bulgaria)
Center for creative training (Bulgaria)
Center of higher education in theatre studies (Greece)
Háskóli Íslands (Iceland)
Hogeschool UCLL (Belgium)