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CREAction4EU, an Erasmus+ KA2 project that started in 2021 has recently ended with the CREAction4EU Final Conference event that took place on 22nd February 2023 and was hosted by the European Parliament Liaison Office in Romania.
Through this 2 years long project, young people from 4 different European countries (France, Hungary, Italy and Romania), but also from other countries, have learned more about youth participation through digital means, active citizenship and social entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries.


Introducing the resources developed by our partnership

The project has developed several resources to support creative entrepreneurs in launching innovative projects that will contribute to the
resilience of their communities in times of crisis. All of these tools are available on the project’s website.

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Best practices in youth entrepreneurship

The first tool is a guide for youth workers and young people with creative tools and activities to stimulate citizen participation in local communities. Compiled by InSite Drama, the Hungarian partner, this guide contains tools developed by researchers associated with the four organisations and results from different local experiences in partner countries.

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CREAction4EU Ambassadors Digital Course

The second is a methodology for ambassadors to train young creative entrepreneurs in using digital tools for their projects. This tool, inspired by the Romanian partner GEYC‘s New Media Ambassadors methodology, will further support young people using new technologies to enhance their entrepreneurial creativity.


The e-learning area

The third tool is a platform with scenarios (playful approach) to enable creative entrepreneurs to simulate situations to stimulate their thinking and improve their skills in managing obstacles in times of crisis. Set up by JO Education – the Italian partner, the different scenarios were developed by expert youth workers and creative entrepreneurs from different organisations to support the young entrepreneurs who will use them.

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Step-by-step guide for aspiring entrepreneurs

Then, a last tool: a guide on creative business creation through the design thinking method, was created. The guide is written with case studies and concrete examples based on a research-action approach led by RESOPA, the French partner who was also the project coordinator. With the help of the other partners, the consortium has developed a guide highlighting an approach to creative entrepreneurship through design thinking. The guide seeks to support its potential users in developing projects that will have a positive and sustainable impact on their territories.

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Coming next…

A projekt végén a konzorcium bejelentette egy design thinking-en alapuló akadémia létrehozását a kulturális és művészeti iparágakban a vállalkozói tevékenység iránt érdeklődő európai fiatalok számára. Ez a következő projekt további támogatási lehetőségeket kínál a fiatal, európai ifjúsági munkásoknak és a kreatív vállalkozások létrehozása iránt érdeklődőknek ahhoz, hogy egy, a válságokra rugalmasan reagáló európai közösség épüljön. Az akadémiáról és annak első fejlesztéséről, amelyre 2023-ban kerül sor, hamarosan további információt adunk a projekt hírlevelében.


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