Debate theatre – Call of Justice

InSite Drama, in cooperation with Artemisszió Foundation has created a new Debate Theatre performance for 11-14 year old’s  on the subject of xenophobia and bullying.

We will be performing the interactive programme 7 times in Budapest during December and schools in Budapest can apply for the free performances.

We created the performance and offer it free of charge thanks to the financial support of the Open Society Foundations.

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The Giant went to Bethlehem

The Giant’s Embrace, directed by Ceri Townsend, was invited to Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival. InSite and Round Table TIE Company members spent five days in Palestine between the 7th and the 11th of October and performed the theatre in education programme in three schools as well, beside the official Festival performance.

It was fantastic to meet artists from around the world and children and young people from Palestine at the five performances. A big thanks to the BIPAF team of volunteers and organisers!

We also thank NKA and Roberta Cimmetta Fund for making our participation at the Festival possible with their support.

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Project presentation and workshop

Democracy through Drama:  Project presentation and workshop for teachers of 11-15 year old young people 

Time2018. April 26. 16:00 – 19:00; Venue: Örkény Színház, Rehearsal space (1075 Budapest, Madách Imre tér 6.)

How can drama help engaging in democracy and creating a democratic classroom? What sort of dramatic tools can teachers of humanities use with 11 to 15 years old’s in the classroom? What opportunities do teachers have in the Hungarian school system to engage in social issues? How can democracy be perceived in relation to the teacher – pupil relationship? 

The workshop presents the Democracy through Drama international project and a needs analysis conduced with teachers, and possible classroom lessons that will open responses to the questions above.

The event is in HUNGARIAN, it is free, but registration is required. Please register here.

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Process drama with 4-8 year olds

A course on doing Process Drama with Early Years

While the games of children in early years are filled with stories, role play and being in fiction, we do not rely enough on these capacities of children to create community, fun and learning.

Kostas Amoiropoulos works with this age-group on a daily level and is an internationally acclaimed expert on Process Drama. InSite has invited him from Greece to share his knowledge with all those interested.

The course will be in English with Hungarian translation.

Dates: 6th April, 5:30 PM to 8th April 3:00 PM

Venue:  Jurányi Inkubátorház, Budapest 1027, Jurányi utca 1.

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