Living Through Extremes in Process Drama was presented online

The online book launch of Living Through Extremes in Process Drama by Adam Bethlenfalvy was held on 3rd October, 2020. The book was published by Károli Gáspár University and L’Harmattan Hongrie.

The event offered an opportunity for drama and theatre education practitioners and researchers to gather from all around the world, approximately 80 people from more than 25 countries participated in the event.

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Online book launch: Living through extremes in process drama by Ádám Bethlenfalvy

ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH – Adam Bethlenfalvy: Living Through Extremes in Process Drama

Beside a short introduction to the book you can hear Cecily O’Neill, David Davis, Chris Cooper and Adam Cziboly talk about the questions raised in the publication.

Date: 3rd October 2020. Saturday 15:00 PM CET (9:00 AM in New York, 14:00 PM in Birmingham, 16:00 PM in Athens, 21:00 PM in Beijing.) As this will be a 60 minutes online event you can join us from anywhere in the world.

To receive a link to the online event send an email to: 

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Workshop about working in role and process drama with Kostas Amoiropoulos

UPDATE: Although we had to cancel our training due to COVID-19, we hope we can welcome Kostas in Budapest next year.

InSite Drama organizes two days workshop about teacher and participants in role in process drama.

This two day intensive drama workshop is intended to provide teachers, theatre practitioners and other interested workers in the field of drama and education, with the opportunity to inform their drama and educational work in relation to the uses of role for the part of the participants and for the part of the teacher in process drama.

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Six EU-countries are working together under the umbrella of diversity in the classroom

DIVERSE project (Promotion of democratic values and diversity in schools through Creative Drama and Fairy Tales) got approved by the EU.

The main objective of the six-countries project is to improve the management of diversity in the classroom and especially in classrooms with an increased number of children with refugee/ migrant or minority background in their school environment. The first specific objective of the project is to support teachers and educators that are teaching in multicultural schools (school with an increased number of children with refugee/ migrant/ minority background) to develop their skills in order to promote effectively in the classroom. The project will focus both in elementary and secondary schools.

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Democracy through Drama Summer School

The Democracy through Drama Summer School will offer teachers of Humanities subjects an in-depth understanding of implementing dramatic tools in the subject lessons in order to create democratic spaces where students can raise questions, express opinion, look at situations from multiple perspectives and engage in the social dimension of the curriculum.

Find all the details here: Summer School webpage

Besides the rich professional program led by experts from the UK, Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Greece, participants of the Summer School will also have the opportunity to take part in “off-the-beaten-track” cultural programs to experience Budapest. Social programs will offer possibilities to engage with teachers with similar interests from all around Europe.

To find out more about the pedagogical approach represented in the Summer School visit the Demo:dram project website:

Dates to remember:  

Arrival: 21st of July

Opening: 21st of July 17:00 PM followed by social program in the evening

Summer School course days: 22nd to 26th of July

Departure: afternoon and evening of 26th of July

Register here:

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