Our books:

Best practices in youth entrepreneurship – CREAction4EU Project, 2023










A Drama Centred Approach to Gender-based Violence – Teacher’s Handbook – Antigone project, 2022


DIVERSE project – Teacher’s handbook, 2021


Democracy through drama projekt e-book, 2017

Színházi nevelési és színházpedagógiai kézikönyv, 2017 (in Hungarian)

Színházi nevelési programok kézikönyve, 2013 (in Hungarian)


Other books of our CEO:

Bethlenfalvy Ádám: Classroom Drama (2020) (in Hungarian)

Adam Bethlenfalvy: Living through extremes in process drama (2020)




  • The Giant’s Embrace – TIE programme for 3-7 years old (in Hungarian, with English subtitles)
  • The Edge (in Hungarian)
  • The package (in Hungarian, with English subtitles) – TIE programme
  • Benched (short video about the performance in Hungarian)






Demo:Dram workshops

Facing the Gap conference keynotes

Facing the Gap video resources