The story

_DSC3619Uncle Laci is going to be a pensioner from tomorrow, he just doesn’t know what he should do with himself. And if that is not enough his young binman colleague Bence starts inventing stories from any piece of rubbish he comes across. It is impossible to work like this!

These two binmen arrive into the nursery group’s room and finally come to the agreement that Bence can tell one last story about Jancsi, a puppet he made from plastic rubbish, and then stops telling stories. At least for today.

In Bence’s story, the Giant, who used to be a friend to the people, has become extremely greedy. He is unable to control his hunger, and gobbles up anything and everything that comes in his way. As the Giant cares about nothing else just his giant belly, the people have nothing left to eat, the world has grown hungry.

_DSC4245Only one boy, Jancsi, is brave enough to go into the dark forest to find food for his family. On his journey he sees the devastation caused by the Giant and also meets animals who are in trouble. He selflessly helps them. But what can he do when he himself is locked into the greedy Giant’s terrible embrace?

We invent and perform the end of the story with the active participation of the group of children. And even uncle Laci can learn something from the story. And the children even give him advice about who he should spend all the free time he will have in his pension years.