The Package

A Theatre in Education programme for Year 1-3. (6-9 year olds)

A coproduction between Round Table Theatre, InSite Drama and The Gap Arts Project

Uncle Laci and Bence arrive to school with a mysterious package. What is in it? Even Bence does not know, but he is extremely curious. He opens it, but still cannot understand why this package is so important. Only Uncle Laci knows the story behind the strange thing in the package, but he is not really sure what the story means. In the process of trying to piece together the elements of the story with the class of children participating a special world of a girl unfolds in front of our eyes. Maybe the children can help Uncle Laci understand the girl’s world.

In this theatre in education program we explore how internal processes, human crisis situations can be externalised and can made accessible for ourselves and others.


Bence: Bethlenfalvy Ádám

Laci bácsi: Nyári Arnold


Hungarian text: Hajós Zsuzsa

Directed and designed by:  Ceri Townsend

Photo: Rácmolnár Milán

Connections with the National Curriculum subjects: Ethics, social skills, communication, listening,

Length: 60 minutes