Giant’s Embrace

The greedy giant has eaten up all the forest. The little people go hungry, because there is no food left for them to eat. Little Tom goes out into the forest to find food for his crying little brother and his starving family…

InSite Drama is working in co-production with Kerekasztal TIE to create its latest theatre in education programme. The Giant’s Embrace will be participatory TIE production for nursery aged children. The story has been toured for many years by Birmingham’s renown TIE company Big Brum, and now Adam Bethlenfalvy from InSite, Arnold Nyári from Kerekasztal will be performing it and Ceri Townsend, from Accident Time will be designing and directing the production.

The performance will tour to nurseries after the 22nd of February. The children participating in the programme will be dealing with the concepts of consumption and the human and environmental impacts of exploitation. They will be involved in looking at what possibilities of action are open for the individual and what are her responsibilities in the face gigantic problems.